Study abroad 2014

I am trying to pursue my dream of studying abroad with my school next spring to Eastern Europe. I am working very hard and trying to fundraise in order to pay for my trip. This is a link if you want to support me and my goals and donate some money to help me out! Any donation is awesome and I am so grateful! Thank you :) <3

You ever have the feeling like everything is slipping away so fast you dont know what to do to stop it anymore?


Painting by Letters

Canadian illustrator & letterer, Darren Booth, produces these rich, layered designs with just a pencil and paintbrush. “It’s about 99% analog. The only digital part is when I scan work.”, he told The Great Discontent in a recent interview.

There is also some subtle collage mixed in with the paint, that you can see. This was by his own admission, a quick way of avoiding mixing-up new paint for retouching . “Instead, I just cut out a piece of paper, stuck it on, and it was done. I was catering to my own laziness and eventually, it became a thing.”

There is certainly a unique, textured, solid quality the comes from the build up layers. This style has attracted big name clients such as Coca-Cola, Aol and The New York Times. He also recently created an award winning cover for Steve Martin’s novel, An object of beauty.

Ampersand: Personal work
for the US band Anerlin
‘O’: Daily Drop Cap for Jessica Hische

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